Brite Markets, San Francisco, CA


The company, Brite Markets, is a long-standing grocery store + deli based in the Mission District in San Francisco. The owners of the grocery store are former chefs and as former chefs, they insist on stocking cooking ingredients of the highest quality, taste, and freshness. Now based on market research they have decided to create a new product line focused on fresh, high-quality, ready-to-eat foods for the busy young professionals the neighborhood appears to be full of these days.

The first product they want to bring to market is a blended drink or 'smoothie' that people can grab on their way to work. The current working name for the beverage is "SuperGood", but the client isn't quite happy with it. Other names they are thinking about are: Brite Smoothies, Brite Drinks, Eyes Brite, and Brightly. 

The product is a blended coffee + protein drink so the clients are excited about referring to this in the name somehow.

My Thought Process

To emote desirability I wanted to place the product in people's kitchen, so they could envision the morning about to enjoy it on the go. But the kitchen should not become the focus, so it is suggested it is there but it is intentionally blurred. The features and benefits are placed in a prominent location to the right of the screen and to follow with the theme of getting up in the morning, I named the product Brite Start.

To break from the regular landing page, I placed salient features at the bottom of the screen with very attractive images. To that effect, the page is not particularly long. Lastly, Brite Markets is a socially responsible business so I made sure their mission was one of the top 5 featured menu options.