Rent the Runway, Boston MA


This was a study of the clothing for rent space. A startup, located in Boston MA, came to us looking for help in finding key differentiator factors that would set them apart in an already saturated industry. 


Based on my interviews, people want to shop smartly. Many don't have time and wish they could venture into online shopping but dread the thought of dealing with returns, color and patterns choosing and buying items that looked great alone but do not coordinate with their existing wardrobe.

Millennials fall in that comfortable upper right quadrant of the customers willing to try something new. But they are not easy customers; their tech savyness will drive service providers to a constant quest for innovation if they want to remain competitive. This opens a competitive market where services are to be rendered for the millennial on the go, that future wage earner that wants to build trust and will have brand loyalty if some criteria are met:

  1. Affordability and convenience
  2. Reputation and feedback from online community
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Needs are met and even anticipated

Introducing Wardrobe Remix

I looked for inspiration outside of the digital space when I stumbled upon a meal planner with endless combinations but with a nutritional science behind it.

It then dawned on me that a cutting edge app can possibly create endless wardrobe combinations and do it smartly. It could ask what basic pieces a customer already had, use color theory and pattern information of what looks nice to the human eye and identify combinations while providing a highly interactive experience.



While all this may sound very ambitious, this is where I see Computer and Data science converging into UX.

From a business perspective, the value proposition was important too. What do we offer the customer that others do not? my answer: a more effective use of their budget.

The service could assist in creating smart wardrobe combinations thus making the customer's budget work harder.


Concept Validation

After creating wire-frames and high fidelity comps I submitted two tests using www.UsabilityHub.com to get feedback on branding, message, aesthetics and overall concept. 

The results of these two tests can be viewed here: 

5 Second Test


Below is an example of how one can have a smart wardrobe around one piece of clothing



Value Proposition




Style Sheet that inspired the color theme




Wire-frame comp submitted to www.UsabilityHub.com for a 5 second eye scan test to 25 users




High Fidelity Comp!