For years Development and Training have used different platforms to test releases and train internal and external customers. With this project, we were able to deliver UltiPro sandboxes in SaaS via a self-service offering for the first time.


Doctors are disillusioned with the current medical systems because of the need to spend huge amounts of time documenting procedures. This was our proposed solution to a sub-set of these problems. 


This is a research project on the new sharing economy at the request of a young startup located in Boston

Going through the airport can be one of the most stressful times for families and travelers alike. This is product development project aimed to answer some of their needs and frustrations.


Analysis on User Interaction for 3 popular video players and how they support a set of users scripted tasks. 


Apps are becoming smarter. This is an abstract concept for a learning app, which saw an application for it in the 2016 political cycle.

Small branding project showcasing how to provoke emotion with images