Ultimate Software, Weston FL


It has been a long tradition at Ultimate Software to offer free training to its customers. Providing playgrounds for customers to practice, brought us to a SaaS offering in 2015. 

When we started this offering, someone in our team needed to kick off the creation of these playgrounds during off hours. Once the process became solid, the next frontier was to extend the concept so that our customers could create their own playgrounds for themselves. Self Service! 

Knowing the back-end structure for UltiPro, knowing our basic customers' needs, my experience as a developer and my new UX skills I was in the unique position to conceptualize our concept and present to my teammates, who coded the site. 



My proposed concept accounted for 3 levels of security, notifications, a 3 color scheme to signal the availability of a site and a dashboard, blackout windows and consistent feedback since cloning UltiPro in mass quantities could take some time to complete.


Final Deliverable

This is our Beta site running now in SaaS. Nowadays, a variety of customers from Enterprise and Mid-Market pre-sales to daily instructions and new content development for future training benefit from the features offered in our internal site. 


Our application shows clear status and offers actions that are context appropriate based on the state of the request